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News: Team is getting bigger!15 May 2019 : 15:00
Written by: Sweden Sitka Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00.Gold Donator awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00.
Our team is expanding and the goal is to make our beloved game a better place for all of you players. I want to introduce our new Server Developer GameChaos who is the genius behind CSGO Mode Replay bot (idea from CSGO Replay Bot), TuF will take care of Web Development and Lami who are from CSGO and will be joining the Server Admins.

You are very welcome to our team!

Best regards,


  • Zord
    5 months ago

    Heehoo o/ Welcome!

    2 0
  • HaRdC0rEeEe
    5 months ago

    Ho-ly fuck, heyy TuF, long time no see! Welcome guys!

    1 0
  • Cobrex
    5 months ago

    welcome, glad seeing a familiar csgo face cheesey

    0 0
  • pacMan
    5 months ago

    welcome guys smile

    0 0
  • Lami
    5 months ago


    0 0
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  • Indonesia LaurenWeess   1 day ago

    Приветствую всех!

  • France hoLy   1 week ago


  • Estonia GameChaos   1 month ago

    i'm dead!

  • Russia Lifestealer   1 month ago

    kzmod is dead

  • Estonia GameChaos   2 months ago

    i'm dead!

  • Spain hereibelong   2 months ago

    hey there. anyone alive? :) I'm just curious what happend to the old website ran by soulfather? are you guys planning to merge this community with xj anytime soon?

  • Serbia ristat   3 months ago


  • Kazakhstan mls   4 months ago


  • Russia Lifestealer   4 months ago

    When will be the next demo release, too few demos?

  • Argentina D2B   4 months ago

    hola Guachos!!! :)