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News: Demo Release #12 - 21 New Worldrecords06 Apr 2019 : 18:30
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:0

hoLy_bhopjumpers done in 00:09.96 (00:09.98 by sit)
kz_em_carbonbase[climb_course] done in 00:53.91 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_maze_wickedgarden[maze_3] done in 01:03.52 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_umbrella2[longjumps] done in 00:16.00 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_crate_delight done in 03:55.05 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_crate_delight[hillslide_hop] done in 00:19.09 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_horseshit[1] done in 00:33.43 (00:36.40 by HaRdC0rEeEe)
kz_bhop_horseshit[2] done in 00:09.26 (00:10.38 by Berkut)
kz_bhop_industrial[bhop_mode] done in 07:41.17 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_femto done in 01:36.86 (01:47.25 by Cobrex)
kz_fu_frosty done in 01:11.95 (01:23.81 by rasit)
kz_surf_brutalist_ez done in 02:19.02 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_surf_jaqen done in 00:49.02 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_surf_jaqen2 done in 01:01.17 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_surf_skydive done in 00:50.30 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_surf_utopia done in 00:52.11 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
sit_3toontrees[speed] done in 00:38.45 (00:43.13 by rasit)


kz_bhop_exodus[stage_1_Regular] done in 00:10.26 (00:10.39 by ristat)
kz_bhop_exodus[stage_2_Regular] done in 00:33.95 (00:36.34 by pacMan)
kz_bhop_horseshit[11] done in 00:36.86 (00:36.95 by rasit)
kz_bhop_horseshit[7] done in 00:17.61 (00:17.94 by HaRdC0rEeEe)

reject Demos:
kz_bhop_ez - wrong Map ( Hawaii )
kz_bhop_ez - wrong Time ( Menko )
2 Demos from the last Release have not been removed from the Database. This will be fixed soon. Then we have the full Upload available again.

your KC.eu Staff

News: Demo Release #11 - 17 New Worldrecords31 Mar 2019 : 09:32
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:2

kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2[cg_coldbhop_v2] done in 01:01.68 (01:02.47 by rasit)
kz_bhop_playstation[End] done in 00:27.28 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_horseshit[2] done in 00:10.38 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[3] done in 00:36.37 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[4] done in 00:20.52 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[6] done in 00:17.21 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[8] done in 00:19.72 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_industrial done in 11:45.52 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_industrial[first_half] done in 04:03.52 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_industrial[second_half] done in 07:09.36 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_trippin done in 07:23.18 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_horseshit[10] done in 01:03.43 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[1] done in 00:36.40 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[7] done in 00:17.94 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_ez done in 02:28.62 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[11] done in 00:36.96 (xx:xx.xx by [n/a)
kz_caverns_deep done in 04:04.55 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
News: Small News29 Mar 2019 : 14:54
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:2
Dear kzmod players,

kz_cg_wigbl0ck[+boost] now available to record Demo. I would like to say a little more about that.
The Boost ramp from kz_cg_wigbl0ck[extra] allows you to haul yourself onto the Main Map. That's why i am opening a new course on the Page.
The reason for doing this is, that I dont want to destroy the original Map and Gameplay as the porter intends.

News: Demo Release #10 - 21 New Worldrecords25 Mar 2019 : 01:53
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:0

kz_bhop_space done in 03:15.74 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_crystal_palace done in 05:24.34 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_mausolus done in 03:01.10 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_maze_wickedgarden[maze_4] done in 01:43.73 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_chipbhopnoob done in 01:10.16 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2[cg_coldbhop_v2] done in 01:02.47 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_eazy[Bonuslegit_10aa] done in 00:18.28 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_playstation[x3korben_aa10_h] done in 02:32.91 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_random done in 01:02.25 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_random2 done in 01:44.98 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_random2[Reversed] done in 01:43.36 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_cavewell done in 02:11.01 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_cg_wigbl0ck[extra] done in 01:22.30 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_dakow done in 00:30.42 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_dakow[bonus] done in 00:17.41 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_fu_frosty done in 01:23.82 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_strafe_protraining[strafe_easy] done in 02:03.20 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
pcm_parched[bonus] done in 00:08.86 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
pcm_parched[main] done in 01:30.71 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
sit_3toontrees[speed] done in 00:43.13 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_cdhop done in 02:09.46 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)

reject demos:
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2[cg_coldbhop] - The Map has not been reset. The ice was broken
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2[cg_coldbhop_v3] - The Map has not been reset. The ice was broken ( read the rules again, please )
kz_cg_wigbl0ck - Nice try. However, i will add an additional route here as this route should have its original course. Rename and upload your demo again. ( kz_cg_wigbl0ck[+boost] )
kz_rutces[kz_stonebhop] - No Record

News: Demo Release #9 - 13 New Worldrecords17 Mar 2019 : 18:12
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:0

kz_bhop_femto done in 01:47.25 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_minimalism[bhop] done in 02:54.17 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_brickngrass done in 04:39.94 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_date2[pastels] done in 02:33.40 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_ghosttown_ez[schools_out] done in 02:05.18 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_highwire[strafe_garden_1] done in 00:13.34 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_highwire[strafe_garden_2] done in 00:13.95 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_highwire[strafe_garden_3] done in 00:14.89 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_mix_cruma[lava] done in 01:05.18 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_mix_cruma[ruins] done in 00:41.05 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_apathy[AUTO] done in 01:14.09 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_exodus[stage_1_Regular] done in 00:10.40 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_rutces[kz_stonebhop] done in 02:11.37 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)

kz_bhop_bathhouse done in 00:42.86 (00:44.01 by HaRdC0rEeEe)


kz_rutces[kz_brickstgrass] done in 04:12.47 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_rutces[kz_greycliff] done in 03:18.48 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_rutces[kz_suhubhop] done in 01:29.92 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


252 longjump
kz_bhop_elate[h] done in 05:50.90 (xx:xx.xx by n/a) -Map name error will be fixed soon
kz_bhop_random2[Reversed_bhop] done in 00:40.91 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)

News: Demo Release #7 - 6 New Worldrecords02 Mar 2019 : 21:07
Written by: Sweden Sitka Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00.Gold Donator awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:0


kz_bhop_chillhop done in 01:02.56 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2[cg_coldbhop_v2_h] done in 00:56.54 (00:59.04 by pacMan)
kz_bhop_dydhop done in 03:02.35 (03:08.69 by pacMan)
kz_bhop_volcanohop done in 01:35.26 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_genesis done in 00:55.07 (00:57.50 by thebo)
kz_octoblock[beneath] done in 01:01.60 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
News: Future of Kreedz-Climbing.eu02 Mar 2019 : 11:16
Written by: Sweden Sitka Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00.Gold Donator awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:4

Hello players around the world.
I will sum up how we are planing to work in the coming months of 2019. The plan is to merge with Xtreme-Jumps, its not a secret since XJ admin spoke about this in their podcast some time ago to a website called Kreedz.com. Until the merge is done we will take care of development outside the game for example servers including plugins and content, community, map releases, demo releases etc. So together with XJ Staff and our staff we will work on something to give the Kreedz Communitys around the world and all the players a platform to feel like a home for our interests. For you information about website we are also working everything from scratch with our own CMS to not get forced to use what e107 have to offer, so the features look very bright for the future to offer alot of fun statistics and results for what we today perform with servers and demos.

I have also noticed (a few days to slow) that our servers hosted by Kreedz-Climbing.eu have been stuttering and freezing. This also affected the website. I solved that problem and they are now super smooth again! We will stop the US servers from now since the player base is not in requirement of more server and to also gather the few players we have right now together on the servers hosted.

Our developer/programmer Menko did also a very fast progress on his awaited Toplist plugin, we will in a few days show you some of his work and explain what we have done and how far we got. Good work Menko!

If you have any questions about what we are trying to offer you players, please comment on this newspost and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Kreedz-Climbing Staff
News: Demo Release #6 - 10 New Worldrecords26 Feb 2019 : 19:48
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:4
Welcome back


kz_afterdark done in 10:57.05 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_aggressive[Cave] done in 01:57.18 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_aggressive[kz_aggressive_ez] done in 06:02.06 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_aggressive[Polar_Climber] done in 01:37.64 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_aggressive[Polar_Climber_-_Bhop_mode] done in 01:00.49 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_basementblock done in 06:01.13 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_cubebhop[10aa] done in 01:05.73 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_cubebhop[50aa] done in 00:43.50 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_dusk done in 10:39.99 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_tunnels done in 05:11.57 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
News: Map Release #1 - 3 New Maps25 Feb 2019 : 17:17
Written by: Czechia HaRdC0rEeEe Mapper awarded at 2019-02-04 17:20:53. Comments:6
Mapper CraizZ
Porter Berkut

kz_bhop_dusk - 50aa Bhop mode

difficulty - hard
length - long
Get it here

Mapper frostie
Porter Berkut

endurance - 10aa course with additional blocks - first half of whole map
kz_bhop_pharma - 50aa Bhop mode course - whole map

difficulty - advanced, hard
length - long
Get it here

Mapper TimmyCakes
Porter HaRdC0rEeEe and Menko

kz_aggressive - very hard 10aa course
kz_aggressive_ez - easy 10aa course with additional blocks
Bhop mode easy - easy 50aa Bhop mode course with additional blocks
Bhop mode hard - hard 50aa Bhop mode course
Cave - Bonus 10aa climb course (created by TimmyCakes)
Cave - Bhop mode - Cave with 50aa Bhop mode
Polar Climber - short Bonus 10aa course - speed combo climb and bhop (created by HaRdC0rEeEe and Menko)
Polar Climber - Bhop mode - Polar Climber with 50aa Bhop mode
Exhausting journey - very hard 10aa course with additional blocks - kz_aggressive + Polar Climber + Cave combined
Exhausting journey - Bhop mode - Exhausting journey with 50aa Bhop mode

difficulty - easy (Polar Climber), very hard (whole map)
length - long
Get it here

Happy climbing!
Yours http://kreedz-climbing.eu.

PS: read the rest for map preview images.
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