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News: Demo Release #12 - 22 New Worldrecords14 Apr 2019 : 18:38
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 00:00:00. Comments:0

kz_bhop_industrial[bhopmode_firsthalf] done in 01:57.85 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_industrial[bhopmode_hard] done in 12:39.73 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_industrial[bhopmode_secondhalf] done in 04:18.79 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_industrial[bhop_mode] done in 06:27.03 (07:41.1700134277344 by Berkut)


kz_bhop_dydhop done in 02:46.94 (03:08.69 by pacMan)


kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2[cg_coldbhop_v2] done in 00:50.73 (01:02.47 by rasit)
kz_bhop_exodus[stage_5_Regular] done in 00:55.54 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_playstation[End] done in 00:19.50 (00:27.28 by Hawaii)
kz_date2[longjumps] done in 01:35.89 (01:36.23 by pacMan)
kz_minimania[Hillslide_hop] done in 00:47.81 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_minimania[Karnak_Mini] done in 00:57.60 (00:58.31 by thebo)
kz_minimania[MadMini_2] done in 01:03.34 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_minimania[nfs_longjumps_ez] done in 00:17.71 (00:17.81 by pacMan)
kz_minimania[nfs_longjumps_hrd] done in 00:19.02 (00:19.56 by thebo)
kz_minimania[wood_slide] done in 00:20.55 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_surf_lt_omnific done in 14:35.65 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_xtremedesert done in 03:19.73 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_exodus[stage_1_Regular] done in 00:10.11 (00:10.39 by ristat)


holy_firstmap done in 00:14.91 (00:15.10 by thebo)
kz_bhop_bathhouse done in 00:42.78 (00:44.00 by HaRdC0rEeEe)
kz_fofmania[dale] done in 00:33.75 (00:54.31 by thebo)
hoLy_bhopjumpers done in 00:09.92 (00:10.26 by HaRdC0rEeEe)
News: Longjump Release #1 - 1 New Worldrecord11 Apr 2019 : 18:12
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 00:00:00. Comments:0
Hey guys,

Today i want to introduce you to a world record in longJump.
It's incredible, thebo has set a new record.
I would like to congratulate you personally and make this release for you, good job!


256 longjump (previously: n/a units)

This weekend i make a new demorelease, thank you for your understanding.
greetz, kc.eu
News: Map Release #2 - 3 New Maps07 Apr 2019 : 08:00
Written by: Czechia HaRdC0rEeEe Mapper awarded at 2019-02-04 16:20:53. Comments:0
Mapper ProAqua
Porter Berkut

kz_umbrella3 - 10aa climb

difficulty - hard
length - long
Get it here

Mapper Hardex and Co
Porter Besath

surf_tempest - 100aa surf course
Bonus 1 - 100aa surf course
Bonus 2 - 100aa surf course
Bonus 3 - 100aa speed strafe course

difficulty - easy (Bonuses), advanced
length - short (Bonuses), medium
Get it here

Mapper Ntag
Porter HaRdC0rEeEe

kz_bhop_umbra - 10aa course with additional blocks
Bhop mode - 50aa Bhop mode course
Autobhop - 100aa Autobhop mode

difficulty - easy
length - long
Get it here

Happy climbing!
Yours http://kreedz-climbing.eu.

PS: read the rest for map preview images.
News: Demo Release #12 - 21 New Worldrecords06 Apr 2019 : 18:30
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 00:00:00. Comments:0

hoLy_bhopjumpers done in 00:09.96 (00:09.98 by sit)
kz_em_carbonbase[climb_course] done in 00:53.91 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_maze_wickedgarden[maze_3] done in 01:03.52 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_umbrella2[longjumps] done in 00:16.00 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_crate_delight done in 03:55.05 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_crate_delight[hillslide_hop] done in 00:19.09 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_horseshit[1] done in 00:33.43 (00:36.40 by HaRdC0rEeEe)
kz_bhop_horseshit[2] done in 00:09.26 (00:10.38 by Berkut)
kz_bhop_industrial[bhop_mode] done in 07:41.17 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_femto done in 01:36.86 (01:47.25 by Cobrex)
kz_fu_frosty done in 01:11.95 (01:23.81 by rasit)
kz_surf_brutalist_ez done in 02:19.02 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_surf_jaqen done in 00:49.02 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_surf_jaqen2 done in 01:01.17 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_surf_skydive done in 00:50.30 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_surf_utopia done in 00:52.11 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
sit_3toontrees[speed] done in 00:38.45 (00:43.13 by rasit)


kz_bhop_exodus[stage_1_Regular] done in 00:10.26 (00:10.39 by ristat)
kz_bhop_exodus[stage_2_Regular] done in 00:33.95 (00:36.34 by pacMan)
kz_bhop_horseshit[11] done in 00:36.86 (00:36.95 by rasit)
kz_bhop_horseshit[7] done in 00:17.61 (00:17.94 by HaRdC0rEeEe)

reject Demos:
kz_bhop_ez - wrong Map ( Hawaii )
kz_bhop_ez - wrong Time ( Menko )
2 Demos from the last Release have not been removed from the Database. This will be fixed soon. Then we have the full Upload available again.

your KC.eu Staff

News: Demo Release #11 - 17 New Worldrecords31 Mar 2019 : 09:32
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 00:00:00. Comments:2

kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2[cg_coldbhop_v2] done in 01:01.68 (01:02.47 by rasit)
kz_bhop_playstation[End] done in 00:27.28 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_horseshit[2] done in 00:10.38 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[3] done in 00:36.37 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[4] done in 00:20.52 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[6] done in 00:17.21 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[8] done in 00:19.72 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_industrial done in 11:45.52 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_industrial[first_half] done in 04:03.52 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_industrial[second_half] done in 07:09.36 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_trippin done in 07:23.18 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_horseshit[10] done in 01:03.43 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[1] done in 00:36.40 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[7] done in 00:17.94 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_ez done in 02:28.62 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_horseshit[11] done in 00:36.96 (xx:xx.xx by [n/a)
kz_caverns_deep done in 04:04.55 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
News: Small News29 Mar 2019 : 14:54
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 00:00:00. Comments:2
Dear kzmod players,

kz_cg_wigbl0ck[+boost] now available to record Demo. I would like to say a little more about that.
The Boost ramp from kz_cg_wigbl0ck[extra] allows you to haul yourself onto the Main Map. That's why i am opening a new course on the Page.
The reason for doing this is, that I dont want to destroy the original Map and Gameplay as the porter intends.

News: Demo Release #10 - 21 New Worldrecords25 Mar 2019 : 01:53
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 00:00:00. Comments:0

kz_bhop_space done in 03:15.74 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_crystal_palace done in 05:24.34 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_mausolus done in 03:01.10 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_maze_wickedgarden[maze_4] done in 01:43.73 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_chipbhopnoob done in 01:10.16 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2[cg_coldbhop_v2] done in 01:02.47 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_eazy[Bonuslegit_10aa] done in 00:18.28 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_playstation[x3korben_aa10_h] done in 02:32.91 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_random done in 01:02.25 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_random2 done in 01:44.98 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_random2[Reversed] done in 01:43.36 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_cavewell done in 02:11.01 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_cg_wigbl0ck[extra] done in 01:22.30 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_dakow done in 00:30.42 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_dakow[bonus] done in 00:17.41 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_fu_frosty done in 01:23.82 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_strafe_protraining[strafe_easy] done in 02:03.20 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
pcm_parched[bonus] done in 00:08.86 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
pcm_parched[main] done in 01:30.71 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
sit_3toontrees[speed] done in 00:43.13 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_cdhop done in 02:09.46 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)

reject demos:
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2[cg_coldbhop] - The Map has not been reset. The ice was broken
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2[cg_coldbhop_v3] - The Map has not been reset. The ice was broken ( read the rules again, please )
kz_cg_wigbl0ck - Nice try. However, i will add an additional route here as this route should have its original course. Rename and upload your demo again. ( kz_cg_wigbl0ck[+boost] )
kz_rutces[kz_stonebhop] - No Record

News: Demo Release #9 - 13 New Worldrecords17 Mar 2019 : 18:12
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 00:00:00. Comments:0

kz_bhop_femto done in 01:47.25 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_minimalism[bhop] done in 02:54.17 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_brickngrass done in 04:39.94 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_date2[pastels] done in 02:33.40 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_ghosttown_ez[schools_out] done in 02:05.18 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_highwire[strafe_garden_1] done in 00:13.34 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_highwire[strafe_garden_2] done in 00:13.95 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_highwire[strafe_garden_3] done in 00:14.89 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_mix_cruma[lava] done in 01:05.18 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_mix_cruma[ruins] done in 00:41.05 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_apathy[AUTO] done in 01:14.09 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_exodus[stage_1_Regular] done in 00:10.40 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_rutces[kz_stonebhop] done in 02:11.37 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)

kz_bhop_bathhouse done in 00:42.86 (00:44.01 by HaRdC0rEeEe)


kz_rutces[kz_brickstgrass] done in 04:12.47 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_rutces[kz_greycliff] done in 03:18.48 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_rutces[kz_suhubhop] done in 01:29.92 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


252 longjump
kz_bhop_elate[h] done in 05:50.90 (xx:xx.xx by n/a) -Map name error will be fixed soon
kz_bhop_random2[Reversed_bhop] done in 00:40.91 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)

News: Demo Release #7 - 6 New Worldrecords02 Mar 2019 : 21:07
Written by: Sweden Sit Comments:0


kz_bhop_chillhop done in 01:02.56 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2[cg_coldbhop_v2_h] done in 00:56.54 (00:59.04 by pacMan)
kz_bhop_dydhop done in 03:02.35 (03:08.69 by pacMan)
kz_bhop_volcanohop done in 01:35.26 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_genesis done in 00:55.07 (00:57.50 by thebo)
kz_octoblock[beneath] done in 01:01.60 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
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